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Solar PCM (Phase Change Material) undergoes reversible transition of phase depending on their temperature in solar thermal storage devices. It plays an important role in storage of solar energy even in off sunshine hours. It absorbs or rejects heat in the process and keeps the conversion rate maintained. Solar PCMs are applied behind solar panels to maintain operating temperature and increase efficiency.

Thereby, usage of Solar PCM prevents inappropriate hike in system temperature due to large radiation loss. System temperature, being more than ambient, can be unfavourable to the solar system efficiency.

Acuro offers large-scale Glycol based heat transfer fluids, used for effectual energy storage in solar panel systems. It is low in acute oral toxicity, which makes it particularly suitable for applications where toxicity is a concern. In particular, it is highly efficient for solar panels with high temperature loads. Our heat transfer fluids are clear to light reddish liquid, formulated with Acuro-formulated corrosion inhibitors for optimum system performance.


  • Highly sensitive heat capacity and heat of fusion. That is freezing and melting at desired temperature within a narrow temperature range
  • Effective corrosion inhibition
  • Low in oral toxicity & non-flammable
  • High density
  • Effective heat conductivity
  • Chemically inert
  • Favourable phase equilibrium
  • Long lasting performance thus cost competitive


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